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I have a secret to tell you…

Hi there!
My name is Emma and I am an artist and specialist art teacher in Bristol UK.

Over the years, I have been asked the same question by parents hundreds of times! 

“How can I support my child to develop their drawing skills and increase their confidence in art?”

My answer is always the same.

The 2 most important things you can do today are...

1. Get them a sketchbook
2. Encourage them to draw in it all the time

All artists know that the secret to developing 
their confidence in their art skills is...

...their sketchbook!

Sketchbooks are essential;
There is no such thing as ‘good art and bad art’ in your sketchbook; you can’t make mistakes in a sketchbook and best of all, you can take your sketchbook everywhere!

At Go Sketch Club we want every child (and adult!) to have a sketchbook and we’ve designed a course to get you started!

to get 25% off and chance to win prizes when we launch!

Sketchbook Adventures will help your child fall in love with their sketchbooks and, as a result, build their confidence and skills in art.

 Sketchbook Adventures will show why you should have a sketchbook and how to use it. Best of all, the course will be packed full of inspiring sketchbooks activities that can be done anywhere!

Sketchbook Adventures can be completed by your child independently, or you can learn alongside them to create some quality arty time together.

"So glad we signed up as this course has really helped relight my Grandson's interest. He was really engaged through all the sessions and particularly picked up on the part where you say your sketchbook is private (unless you want to show people) and ok if you mess up / it's for practice and trying techniques because that's how you improve.   Thanks Emma - I love the way you explain things and also that you are upbeat and enthusiastic without being over the top!"

Elaine Barr

“Thank you so much for your brilliant, fun and inspiring courses. My daughter Rosa (age 16) has so enjoyed your videos and wanted me to send you her favourite bird pictures. We have signed up for the Sketchbook adventures and are looking forward to exploring lots of new ideas over the summer.”

Natasha Melia

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“My kids absolutely loved the Go Sketch online courses - they've spent many hours enjoying drawing and are really proud of what they've created. The courses are well planned and taught - I've also had a grand old time joining in! Thank you for giving my kids some new skills in such a fun way!”

Claire Stone

Got a Question?

Frequently Asked Questions:

What ages is this course suitable for?
This course has been designed for families to use together so it is suitable for children and beginner adults. We think children aged 7 and up will get the most from it, however younger siblings will also enjoy joining in with the activities. This course is all about supporting you to develop your own ideas so everyone will happily work at their own level.

How long do we have to complete the course?
The course has lifetime access so you can choose the schedule that suits you. You could even take your sketchbooks on outside with you!

Are the sessions live as I find it difficult to commit to times due to our busy timetable?
All the content is pre-recorded and available each week for you to fit around your own family schedule. The content will then stay available for as long as you need.

What happens if we need support?
You can contact me at or join our secret facebook group for more support and occasional lives with the Sketchbook Adventures community :)

What if I join and it isn't right for my child?
You can contact me within 7 days of joining the course and as long as you haven't watched further than section 2, I will happily refund you.

Have any other questions?

to get 25% off and chance to win prizes when we launch!

Course Curriculum

Ruth Drury


We had a brilliant time as a family joining in these sessions and will  try them all again soon. They are simple to follow without being boring  or too young, yet provided a challenge for each one of us. Emma is brilliant on the clips and left us all really proud of what we had achieved. Amazing value! Can't wait for more!

You get...

32 Videos
15-20 hours of art classes

Worth approx £450-£600 of tuition or £120 to £160 of after school art clubs

All for £60

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Course Pricing

to get 25% off and chance to win prizes when we launch!